Stew Epstein and Jeffrey Fiegel met, not entirely unpredictably if you know them, at a wine bar while Stew was behind the bar pouring a bottle of a Tempranillo he had made. He was pleasantly surprised when a couple of the customers at the bar seemed unusually knowledgeable about wine and winemaking and spent the rest of the evening discussing winemaking philosophy (Stew is a bit of wine geek).


Stew promptly forgot the encounter until about two weeks later when he got an email from Jeffrey asking to pick his brain on Spanish wines over a cup of coffee. Stew replied, “sure, why not?”It turned out that Jeffrey was studying winemaking at Fresno State and shared our winemaker’s passion for Spanish and Iberian wines and by the end of the 1st latte, Stew brought him aboard as a winery intern. They worked closely together for the next several years and together dreamed of having their own winery in an urban setting.


In 2013 they took leave of their senses and started Brooklyn West Winery and embarked on a mission to share their enthusiasm for wine and bring to the people of Oakland and the Bay Area world-class handcrafted wines in a fun, approachable and unpretentious atmosphere.


We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we do making them for you!